Life is often compared to a journey because very seldom do we feel well positioned and safely settled in who we are.

It is a tremendous step to seek out help from someone you don't know and I admire your courage to do something about your current situation. Whether you are reaching a point of crisis or merely frustrated, therapy is an appropriate approach for moving past this particular place in your life.

Whether it is in our work, with family and friends, or even our own skin, it takes time to understand and appreciate what is unique about our selves. Like life, therapy is a process, or journey, that requires courage, patience and perseverance.

My particular training has led me to believe firmly in our common need as men and women for fulfilling, life-giving relationships. However, we often find ourselves without this basic need in our lives and are confused why this is and how it could ever be different. For this reason, I am most interested in working with you to understand what has taken place in your life to lead you to the point of seeking help and then what steps need to be taken to gain a new sense of fulfillment and purpose in your life and most important relationships. How we do this will depend largely on you and your goals for therapy.

Individual counseling is right for you if you are experiencing

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Intimacy Problems

  • Life Direction

  • Sexual Confusion

  • Constant Sadness or Grief

  • Uncontrollable Anger

  • Times of Transition

  • Consistently Stressed Out

  • Mental Illness Recovery

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