There is some truth to the idea that we don't get to choose our family. However, we do get to choose who we are in the family that we have.

So, who are you in your family? What role do you play? Is it a healthy role or does your role leave you feeling trapped and unknown?
Families are really very sophisticated social groups and don't change easily. Families have to see the benefit of new choices and habits before they will choose to pursue something different.

Providing family counseling services, I work daily with families caught between the desire for change and the difficulty of growth. When they are able to choose something new for themselves, they almost always find that they have made the right choice and feel new excitement for themselves and the ones they love the most.

Common issues that keep families distant and disconnected

  • Divorce

  • Old Family Secrets

  • Death & Loss of a Family Member

  • Financial Struggles

  • Co-dependent Relationships & Poor Boundaries

  • Life Transitions & Change

  • Domestic Violence & Constant Fighting

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