My goal in couples therapy is to meet you exactly where you are at and help you begin the work of forging a new path through the pain and anger of past hurt.

One of the most difficult relationships to navigate in life is with our spouse or partner. There are many reasons for why this is and are as varied as there are people. Please know, it is not too late for both individuals in the relationship to make the changes needed to revive and strengthen this most crucial partnership through couples counseling or marriage counseling.

Whether you are newly married, planning for that special day, or wanting to remember why you said "I do" in the first place, I seek to inspire new responses to your life together that are healthy and vibrant.

The following are common obstacles for couples in a partnership.

  • Sex and Intimacy Problems

  • Relationships with In-Laws

  • Children & Family

  • Work & Career

  • Effective Communication

  • Pre-Marital Issues

  • Deceit & Trust

  • Finances

  • Dealing with Grief

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